Shirish Beri’s works have been bearing a distinct mark on modern Indian architecture since 1975 Initially as Director (Design) with “Beri architects and engineers pvt. ltd.” and later through his “Shirish Beri and Associates”.
His work is free, spontaneous, as it is not bound by conditioning and constrains of a particular style or ism. It is intensely responsive to the site, the socio cultural behavior-values and Life as a whole. His designs address his concerns in life and contribute towards a better quality of life. Besides adding a new immeasurable dimension in the users’ lives, these design have won him National-International awards and coverage. His deep search for meaning in life has made him explore various mediums of understanding and expression such as painting, poetry, philosophy, deep ecology and extensive travelling.


For me, it is difficult to imagine any activity as unrelated or cut off from the totality of life. Architecture too, in its greater vision, is life itself , thereby communicating, responding and belonging to the fascinatingly interrelated web of life.

Thus, any serious architect's approach to his architectural design would evolve from his understanding of life. To me, the outer manifestations in space are reflections of the quality of our inner space and vice versa. It is our duty as architects to redefine and expand upon the brief given by the client so as to give him much more besides satisfying the functional requirements in terms of the design's environmental relevance, quality of space and JOY.

In today’s technocratic consumeristic, urban life style, I feel concerned about various issues that are making our lives as human beings poorer. Could I design spaces that would, in whatever small way, contribute their share in responding to these concerns in a positive manner

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'Shirish Beri & Associates' 503, “Skyville”, Near Ram Mangal Karyalaya, University ring road, Kolhapur, Maharashtra - 416004
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