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Shinto Residence
Shinto Residence
Shinto Residence

Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Area: 9,000 Sq. Ft

Client: Mr.Abhishek Jain

Shinto in Japanese means in interior designing terms a tower with a spiritual relevance. Hence keeping in mind this concept in mind we have designed the residence with 4 floors which includes 1 basement and 1 ground + 2 floors .

On the ground floor, space flows seamlessly between the foyer, living and dining areas. The open plan extends into the setbacks and also facilitates cross ventilation.

We didn't want the building to look like an apartment block, so the three floors are connected through double height spaces, one internal and the other on a terrace. These double height spaces serve as connectors between the floors and permit interaction , so that the occupants are never divorced from the floor below.

The triple height stairwell comprises a 12 piece cluster chandelier and is illuminated to create warm ambience whereas in the faade the main Shinto tower has a floating cornered plane and is used as a cove to illuminate the tower by a concealed source.