Shimul Javeri Kadri

Shimul Javeri KadriShimul studied architecture in Mumbai at the Academy of Architecture , and Urban Planning at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor. Her design practice has strong philosophical underpinnings.

Egalitarian democratic societies, a deep respect for nature and living with it, and a fundamental belief in people and their connectedness drives her world view. This translates, to buildings that sit comfortably and naturally in their environments - shorn of a certain egotistic individualistic character - buildings that embrace natural materials, the sun and the wind, as opposed to mechanized boxes that alienate people and nature.

Her interest in an architecture that is meaningful for the India of today, drawing from historical wisdom, but relevant and exciting for the vibrant Indian market, has led to a practice that has commissions as varied as hotels for religious tourism, to a museum for Jainism, to an automobile design studio for Mahindra's.

Shimul is invited as a speaker to numerous architectural institutions while she also serves as a Trustee for Save the Children India where she has been actively steering education and women's projects. She is also on the Board of Directors of Akshara, a Women's resource Centre.

Work Experience

Principal Architect

Education Details

Rachana Sansad, Mumbai
Bachelor's Degree, Architecture Program including licensure to practice architecture independently
University of Michigan
Master's in Urban Planning

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Shimul Javeri Kadri