Sharookh Mehta

Sharookh MehtaBA/Hons- ID Kingston UK

Sharookh has been in the field of interior design, industrial design and architecture for over two decades. He has been associated with The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Taliesin, USA, and in the design and construction of the first prairie style house in the UK

Sharookh is involved in the design and architecture of large scale healthcare facilities, hospitals and clinics in India. He is also spearheading TPA's international venture in Oman that is currently undertaking over 4 million sq.ft of work.

His design philosophy finds its foundation in the Bauhaus, believing that any structure should be a 'complete work of art', down to the last detail. Understanding that true design follows function, his spaces are also acutely aware of form, shadow and light while at the same time paying great attention to the volume, scale and materiality. This holistic approach of creating a structure in its totality- inspires his designs and can be fully appreciated in his work.

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Sharookh Mehta