Meet the Team

1. Owner

Shamanth Patil J

Commercial & Humanitarian Photographer

Under the eminent photo journalist, late Mr. T S Satyan, I was guided to explore the world of humanitarian photography. Under his tutelage, I developed my eye and frame for captivating and surreal images. A graduate of Shari Academy of Photography, Mumbai (one of the best schools in Asia), I mastered in Commercial Photography and Digital Imaging. An acclaimed International Award winner - 'Eyes Never Age' and winner of 5 international awards in the span of 3 years. Started a company "Rays & Greys - The Complete Shoot!" in 2009. Has an office and well equipped studio in Jayanagar 5th Block, Bangalore. Vast experience in conducting workshops for beginners and professionals. 

2. Other


Assistant Photographer

Working as an assistant photographer in "Rays & Greys - The Complete Shoot!" from Past 1 Year. Has a keen interest in Fine Art Photography. Accomplished stylist.