Harisar industrial corporation is working under guidance of Sh. Inderjit Singh Sohal. He has used his experience of running his unit at Punjab here very effectively.

Our efforts are directed to produce the best quality product with the most sophisticated wood processing technology. Senior is made from hardwood only. All hardwood used for the face and core are 100% seasoned and selected wood. The brand offers a range of plywood that meets stringent requirements for ultimate customer satisfaction.

Senior is the quality mark in plywood for the craftsmen, architect or the domestic user. Its every product is meticulously manufactured from:

100% seasoned & Selected hardwood.
In House Resin plant.
12 day-light, 1600 ton hydraulic press (guarantees high density Plywood)
Vacuum pressure Impregnation plant.
R&D department carry our constant improvement and quality control in Senior Products. The motto of the company remains to deliver the best quality and service to satisfy the customer.

Our Mission

To offer value to our customers by providing quality products at the best price with timely delivery, while protecting the environment and creating direct positive long-term social, cultural and economic benefits for our customers, employees & business partners.

Our Vision

To be a leading marketer, distributor and manufacturer of forest products.Experience: We have considerable experience in the export market since this is all we do.


The plant is situated on an area of 25000 square yards in the main industrial city Ludhiana of North India. The city of entrepreneurs has a lot of offer in terms of advantages that give the various industries thriving here a definite edge. The plant hums with modernistic equipment heralding the future technology in the field and there is a team of nearly 250 hard working and sincere employees in the plant which helps to the unit manufacture more than 500 types of different items.

The infrastructure of the plant forms the basis of the high quality standards of the products. It has complete in-house facilities to perform the different functions of manufacturing and processing. The management and a team comprising of dedicated and through professionals. They are further assisted by well trained and highly experienced work force.

Research & Development

As one bright peal of the woodworking industry, Harisar Industrial Corp. has experienced more than twenty years struggle of establishing the business, devoted ourselves to developing environment friendly products, implementing environment friendly market strategy and formed one complete normalized manage system. The company has obtained the certificated of ISO 9001 Certification of Quality Management System and ISI Bureau of Indian Standards.

Since the establishment in 1988, the main products of the company are plywood, blockboard, bottom plate of containers and shuttering for building in various specifications, thickness ranging from 1mm to 90mm or available on requests of customers. These products are mainly applied for the drawer board of exports furniture, lay frame, decoration and firment, building, floor materials, musical instruments, packing and so on. We have two major brands Senior and Victory, Among which, the trademark Senior has been selected as the well known brand and the products possess the features as follows:

  • It is of health and environmental protection
  • Non poisonous and non-harmful
  • Firm of gluing strength
  • Uneasily deformed
Tested by overseas authorative institutions, it has reached the environmental protecting standard of wood working products to be in Grade E. The plywood and blockboard are sold well in India and Abroad.

Looking into the future, taking a broad view to the world, with a unique developing foresight, the company will attract foreign investment, enlarge the scale production, develop diversifying operations and keep on enriching market resources. We will also establish a magnificent space and international economy trade platform with the powerful strength and confidence.

The company has obtained the certificated of ISO 9001 Certification of Quality Management System and ISI Bureau of Indian Standards.