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Semi Conductor Complex
Semi Conductor Complex

Location: Mohali, Punjab, India

Project Work Status: Completed Projects

Client: Semi Conductor Complex Limited

Project Completed: 1980

Project architect: Romi Khosla

Structural Consiltant: Semac

The first chip making factory in India, built for the Department of Electronics having a large process area, a design center and a vast computer center. The design of the complex envisaged protection from heat, dust, humidity, noise and vibrations.

The process area was made in structural steel above pile foundations. The core areas were to be totally isolated with 3 micron dust cleanliness, therefore, all sides had to have a series of protective layers. The roof consists of steel decking, light-weight concrete ansd a thin layer of nominally reinforced concrete along with the waterproofing. The difes have an aluminium slatted water curtain followed by a brick wall and then a service corridor.