Satyajit Ganguly

Satyajit GangulySatyajit Ganguly, is an Architect Planner by profession. He has done his bachelor's in architecture from Institute of Environmental Planning and Technology (IEPT) Indore Madhya Pradesh and completed his masters in transport planning from School of Planning and architecture (SPA) Delhi. He is working with SGArchitects since 2011 till date. As an architect, he has worked for one year in the field of core architecture and was involved in the Green Buildings, residential and Interiors Projects. Later in the field of Transport Planning, worked as a transport planner in various projects covering, highways, regional transport sector, urban and public transport sector. Presently he has a work experience of 3.5 years in sustainable public transport and non motorized infrastructure and developed his core area of interest in this field. He has also worked on the research based transport projects like (BEAD) BRTS Evaluation and Design Tool (BEAD) and Non-Motorized Vehicle (NMV) Infrastructure Level of Service (LOS) i.e. CyLOS. Also worked as a consultant with TRIPP ? IIT, Delhi in the preparation of NMT Design Manual.

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Architect, Transport Planner

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Satyajit Ganguly