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Satish VayuvegulaSatish Vayuvegula is an architect, LEED USA Accredited Professional and a strategic thought leader with fourteen years of experience. He is a creative thinker and problem solver with a demonstrated ability to lead and participate on project teams. He combines a unique mix of academic depth, design expertise, project management, entrepreneurship skills and hands on experience. He believes that each project is complex and unique, and should generate individual responses.

After completing his Post-professional Masters degree (NAAB Accredited) from Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, USA, Satish joined the re-building efforts for the city of New Orleans post hurricance Katrina, where he was involved in renovation of various buildings and documentation of education facilities. After a brief tenure, he relocated to Dallas. During this period, he worked in the capacity of designer on projects of different nature and in various parts of the world.

Some of the most notable projects include large scale, high-end retail, planning, residential and commercial developments in China, Ukraine, Russia, Portugal, Italy and India with project sizes ranging from 600,000 sq.ft to 30,00,000 sq.ft. Relocating to India in 2009, Satish lead the design efforts towards renovation of Eden Garden Cricket Stadium in Kolkata that was geared for the ICC World Cup 2011 and got involved in design of 100+ acre master planning projects including Healthcare, Educational and Residential Campuses.

Before joining DesignQube, Satish was anchoring the growth of HKS Inc, a Dallas, TX based architectural firm in Bengaluru. He authored the business plan for this office and further strategized the implementation of it. His current responsibilites are increased to not just lead the planning vertical, but aiding in the marketing efforts, establishing contacts at regional level and streamline the work flow. He is an avid reader and an ardent follower of spirituality. He loves listening to Pink Floyd, Jagjit Singh and almost all of Sufi music.

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