Sanvi are the top producer, supplier and exporter of superior quality glass door handles, cabinet handles, door fittings, door knobs and other accessories. Their manufactured products are well known for their design, beauty and elegance. The doors, handles and hardware of Sanvi are selling like hot cakes in the international markets. The handle of doors and windows are tiny things but plays a significant role in the home décor.

The tagline of Sanvi is- You build we decor. It means that they are ready to give your house a perfect finish. As building a house is a dream but to furnish it needs a great deal of passion and zest.

They handle your needs with love. Every single door, handle and accessories of Sanvi are made with love, passion and lots of artistic ability. A better finish is achieved when a hard level of attention is conferred to it. They provide a catalogue in which the images of the handles of different shapes and sizes are given and to choose the appropriate one is your opinion. The experts of Sanvi are ready to serve you and also provide their expert opinion.

The home décor products offer by them are classy, unique and affordable. A wide range of products and services are them.


To help people make a dynamic impression through our creativity.


  • Respect & Honesty in our DNA.
  • Remarkable Identity.
  • Turning Ideas in Reality.
  • Creativity is our weapon & Quality is our attitude.
  • ALways serve something special.
  • Trust among customers.
  • Custmoer Suggestion always acceptable.

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