Sanjiv Malhan

Sanjiv MalhanSanjiv Malhan, an Australia-trained architect and principal at Office For International Architecture (OFIA), is passionately eloquent about his core beliefs and philosophy:

It is every architects bounden duty to take to heart the potential that our profession offers. And use every opportunity we get to explore this unique intersection of spatial artistry, technology, human civilization and above all, imagination. These are the keystone beliefs that inspire Mr Malhan and his team to go out and create the spaces they do.

Mapping a clients brief to a space and then using the tools of my profession to go out and exceed it, each and every time, is a given. My challenge comes in trying to see how I can help both client and the space to excite and inspire each other and then get my team to give shape to that new vision.

Mr Malhans training and experience enable OFIA to assemble an unmatched team of international and local experts to deliver the most challenging tasks and projects.

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Sanjiv Malhan