Sandeep Rao

Sandeep RaoNow committed to providing high quality Home Interiors Solutions to new home buyers in Bangalore.

1. The way one can buy an apartment or a villa home, why can't one buy home interiors the same way Why does it have to be messy experience. In yesteryears getting a new home built was messy affair; right from buying land to getting architect and contractors and sourcing materials and approvals. Today, one can walk in to the offices of 50+ developers in any city and buy a new home. Simple and easy. Can't the Home Interiors be bought the same way

Yes, Home Interiors can be bought the same way - starting now. Time is ripe for providers to start providing total solutions. Total Home Interiors Solutions. SpaceCrafts provides Total Home Interiors solutions in Bangalore for new Homes from Adarsh, Prestige, Sobha, Chaitanya, Brigade and other premium builders.

2. For buying new homes in any location in Bangalore, the brands which come to one's mind are Adarsh, Prestige, Sobha, Chaitanya, Brigade and 50+ other names. To buy Home Interiors Solutions - not a single brand readily comes to mind.

SpaceCrafts wants to be that brand - the first brand to come to mind, when one considers buying Home Interiors Solutions. Committed to SpaceCrafts and committed to Total Home Interiors Solutions now. 21+ years of industry experience in design, engineering, business development, product development and service delivery roles with strengths in entrepreneurship, business strategy, account management, program management, operational setup & delivery team buildup, and competency & excellence center setups. Manage by leading and inspiring is my motto.

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Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
EGMP, General Management | 2004 - 2005
SGSITS, Indore, India
BS Computer Science | 1990 - 1994

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Sandeep Rao