Samuele Mazza

Samuele MazzaSamuele Mazza began his career as a fashion designer in the '80s, comparing himself with an environment that demands absolute discipline and a frantic quest for everything that is modern and glamorous, then passing through several disciplines in a transversal way. From the creation to the theory, Samuele Mazza analyses the fashion sector tracing, through the monographs of great designers, published with Electa Mondadori, a "geography of fashion thinking". He organizes displays and plans events and exhibitions and, pursuing his path, Samuele Mazza founds Visionnaire in 2001 - brand of furniture that achieves a great reputation, today taken over by Ipe Cavalli. In 2011 Samuele Mazza starts a collaboration with Colombostile proposing himself paradoxically as a "stylist and non designer, interior designer and non architect" and designing the Columbus Couture collection, which expresses in a single concept the two major Italian excellences, fashion and furniture.

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Samuele Mazza