Sampada Gethe

Sampada GetheWith professional experience over 11+ years, with designing various commercial & high rise landmark projects, sampada possess an ability to motivate & generate the projects at global standards. She has developed keen interest in designing the futuristic, modern style of architecture .with her modern sense of creating and presenting the design to the detailing of the design phases, she is keen to give the perfection to the project. Her sense of generating new designs with infrastructure detailing, she commands in capitalizing the projects.

With her previous international experience, she has been working on various commercial projects and has been actively participated in creating landmark projects for the company. Her expertise followed by the work in the form of detailing and co-ordination.

A positive personality to mingle with her team mates, she excels in personal interaction .she has been good team player. She is positively supportive to take her teammates at heights.

Work Experience

Senior Architect

Education Details

D.Y. Patil College Of Architecture

Personal Details

Sampada Gethe