Salt was founded by three architects from different corners of India. Initially trained at Delhi’s School of Planning and Architecture where they first encountered architecture and each other, they traveled the country absorbing its spectacular variety before embarking on their separate journeys to different parts of the world. During the course of further studies, professional work and myriad social interactions, they experienced the North / Central / South America, Europe & East Asia while also for first time seeing India from the outside, getting a fresh perspective on a unique land and the life it supports. After more than a decade of teaching, working and collaborating with incredible people and teams, they regrouped to return to their first love – building in India.

‘Sustainable Alternatives for Living Together’ believes that architecture and the various processes involved in this discipline, must address the key challenges of our society. By first understanding and then harnessing the potential of social patterns and human behaviour, ecology and the environment, available materials, craftsmanship, human resources and various programmes, we seek to create unique architecture that reflects our understanding, approach and attitude to each of these dimensions. Our purpose and motivation is to project a futuristic vision for our habitat, by creating refreshing and new ways of inhabiting space.

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8B Deshapriya Park West Second Floor, Kolkata, West Bengal, India - 700026

Phone:+91 33 64611428

Owner: Jassu Sekhon


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