Relationship become the Inspiration of all our works, Our relationship with Nature taught us Sustainability and with "Men" taught us the process to celebrate it .
Planet, People, Performance and Profit are for sure the very basic of every design that "Salient" Discovers.
We believe that Design is an art of discovery hence it is very important that Research and Humility become our tool from "Concept" till "Commissioning".
Discoveries are explained by scientific postulates and mathematical analysis. Mathematical derivations and logics institute our desigen thinking. Even "Aesthetics" is a pure function of Performance and Devine Geometry.
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BP- 7, 8th Floor, Room No. 0802 & 0803, Sec 5, Salt Lake, Kolkata, West Bengal, India - 700091

Phone:033 2367 9081

Owner: Vivek Rathore