What you make people feel is just as important as what you make.

The opulence and luxury, available to only a few, was brought into the public ambit for the first time in January 2011. Saibaan is the vision of Ms. Shaila Sood, the founder owner of the studio, who has been successfully meeting the design challenges from her extremely advanced and demanding clients for over a decade. Many a dreams have been made true.

The team, under the inspired guidance of the founder, constantly endeavors to explore new design ideas, materials and techniques in order to enhance the uniqueness and functionality of successive collections.

Every effort is made to match the splendor of the lines with the resplendence of materials. The use of the finest products and craftsmanship define every piece delivered.We welcome you into our world of Couture Lifestyle

Studio Saibaan is located in Lado Sarai, the new art hub of Delhi. The studio is spread over an area of 5500 square feet, draped around a large tree canopied private court yard. It showcases the indigenously made indoor furniture and the finest international brands of outdoor furniture. A tour around the studio is an overwhelming discovery of exclusivity, elegance and the exquisite. It is an exposure to the art of creative, fashionable and functional furniture. Truly a new vocabulary for luxury, conceited beyond essential functions.

Besides the furniture, there is a generous display of table decoratives, unusual light fittings, silverware, paintings, carpets and accessories. The studio undertakes the design and creation of bespoke interiors.