Saff Media

Brand:PP Aquatech
BrandPP Aquatech


PP Aquatech offers complete rage of SAFF Media Which is specifically designed for biological fixed film systems. Cross flow media provides a cost-effective method for reduction of organics (roughing and polishing), nitrification, and anaerobic treatment of municipal and industrial wastewaters

SAFF MEDIA has numerous applications in wastewater treatment. The shape of the media has a significant influence on application and must be considered along specific surface area and void ratio. Applications are as follows
  • Upgrading existing rock trickling filters.
  • BOD Reduction in Trickling Filters
  • Complete Secondary Treatment.
  • Trickling Filters/Solids Contact (TF/SC)
  • Roughing of pre-treatment.
  • Nitrification.
  • Denitrification.
  • Odour Scrubbing.
  • Anaerobic Treatment
  • SAFF or submerged aerobic fixed film reactors.