We at Aum Industries take the privilege of introducing this cost effective, maintenance free and elegant railing system in India. We manufacture the product at our factory based in Rajkot, Gujarat. We provide on- site fittings and after sale services. Our catalogue provides a wide range of designs to choose from. We are confident about our product and designs and we guarantee quality products. We are in no doubt that you would be contented with this new system of railing that we are bring into the country.

The new advanced supporting glass system based on aluminium profiles is the ideal system for glazed railings for balconies, stairs and building enclosures with high architectural standards. It offers an impressive aesthetical and functional result with a no view limit. The system can be placed on a completed floor. The system base is covered by aluminium side covers which allow replacement of the glass without damaging the system and the floor.

This system is certified for its sound engineering design by international institutes. Due to its high resistance in severe weather conditions aluminium railings can be used at all places. It is maintenance free and cost effective. This kind of railing is being used worldwide. The concept of aluminium railing is new in India.