RR Interiors is the most renowned Interior Designer product store in Jaipur (Rajasthan).With the most efficient and skilled team, RR Interiors has always thrived and been a winner. Today, we have become the most sought after brand in Home furnishings as well.

We founded RR Interiors in 1986, with a vision to raise the quality of home decor in Jaipur. We started as a small enterprise specializing in wall covering, mattress, rugs, wall to wall carpets and flooring products and have been blessedly successful since then.

In 1986, our first setup was established in Sanganeri Gate which is even now a very well known and standard store by the name of RR FURNISHINGS. We have conquered the unsurpassable heights.

On 3rd July, RR Interiors opened its second store in the league in New Aatish Market, Jaipur. With its establishment, we accomplished ourselves as a leading luxury home furnishing brand in Jaipur. Our new store is managed by Mr. Giriraj Agarwal and Mr. Saurabh Agarwal.

In the last few years, we have become very famous in Jaipur because of our reliable and customer-friendly product range. RR Interiors has a wide range of home furnishing products such as:

  • Rugs, Carpets, PVC Flooring
  • Wallcoverings and wallpapers
  • Curtains and Curtain Fabric
  • Sofa Fabric
  • Bed Sheets

from rugs to wall covering, mattress, carpets, curtains, and many more. We have an extensive and artistic collection of floorings, fabrics, and wall coverings as well.

Our products come with a commitment to reliability and durability. Every product of RR Interiors is well designed and unique. Our belief is to give our customers satisfaction and a long lasting feeling of faith. We promise to deliver you only matchless and exceptional products and services.

Over the last few years, we have positioned ourselves as interior decor services to beautify your homes exactly as you want. You can avail services like custom window treatment, custom flooring, and wall treatment services at best rates in Jaipur.

RR Interiors has a very large variety of well-known home decor brands under its belt. We strive hard to deliver high-quality products within guaranteed timelines and budget. Every vendor or contractor attached with us is highly skilled and delivers the best quality products at affordable prices.

RR Interiors has been proudly providing qualitative solutions to all your interior designer needs since 3 decades. So, if you wish to design your property to make a remarkable existence, your search definitely ends here.

We are perfectly adept in designing spaces. We not only design the property but we also raise the standard of living of our customers by providing them excellent intricate designer houses, offices and what not. The places designed by RR Interiors are not only luxurious to look at but are heavenly comfortable to live in as well.

So, if you dream of giving a breathtaking look to the interiors of your homes and offices, contact RR Interiors now and give us an opportunity to make your dream come true.


The goal of RR Interiors has always been clear and potent. We wish to provide strategic and innovative solutions to our clients. We have a package of varied ideas, goals, and objectives and we plan to deliver them in the most positive and impacting manner.


We have always thought of raising the standard of the property that our clients are associated with.

Your premises are a part of your personality. We make them look enigmatic for you.

Custom Window Treatment

Get ready to style your homes and offices with best custom window treatment services in Jaipur. RR Interiors brings you a variety of window coverings along with exceptional service to transform the look of your windows. We are the top name in home furnishing and interior decor industry in Rajasthan for over 30 years.

As the renowned dealer of window blinds in Jaipur, we also offer custom drapes, curtains, shutters, so that you can have the desired look of your living rooms and offices. Being a reputed interior Designer firm in Rajasthan, we have successfully established ourselves as the Best Quality Store in the Interior decorator and the Home Furnishing industry in Jaipur.

Our professional and experienced designers can cast magic by creating Custom Draperies from our extensive fabric library. We have a strong and vast network of workers and vendors who are highly skilled and proficient. They provide perfect finishes, accurate measurements, and flawless installations.

Why RR Interiors for Custom Window Treatment in Jaipur

Designer curtains, drapes, shades, and blinds for windows are just the beginning of a beautiful room. You also need precise installation and measurement of your area to make designer window coverings look good. This is where our window treatment services come into play.

  • Extensive collection of window blinds, drapes, curtains, and shutters
  • Expert guidance of specialists in interior decor industry
  • Careful understanding of your needs and desires
  • Professional measurement and installation at your premises
  • Assured Quality of designer draperies, curtains, shades, and blinds for windows
  • Only the best brands that make your dream home come true

    You will be amazed at the look of your rooms in offices and homes after getting window treatment from RR Interiors. You have full freedom to choose from a variety of window treatment ideas that we offer to you. You can pick from our wide range of shades and blinds for windows such as:

  • Roller shades
  • Vertical Blinds
  • Top-Down-Bottom-Up Shades
  • Roman Blinds
  • Motorized Shades
  • Venetian Blinds
  • Cellular Shades
  • Media Room Full Black-Out Shades

    and many more

    With RR Interiors proficient team your dream premises are not that far. Trust us we are excellent in what we do as our primary aim is to turn your dream into reality. Contact us now at 9887773888 for best custom window treatment in Jaipur with high-quality blinds and curtains for windows.

    In addition to window treatment, we also offer several other home furnishing services and interior decor products like:

  • Wallpapers and Wallcoverings in jaipur
  • Custom Flooring in jaipur
  • Bed sheets in jaipur
  • Wall Treatment services in Jaipur

    Custom Floor Coverings- Rugs, Carpets, Pvc Flooring

    When it comes to interior decor services and home furnishing products, RR Interiors comes right on top with over 30 years of experience in the industry. We offer exceptional custom flooring services in Jaipur and entire Rajasthan using best quality rugs, carpets, and different types of flooring.

    Whether you need a wooden floor for your living room or premium accent rugs for offices, we provide you with best options in flooring.

    Accent Rugs, PVC flooring, or carpets enhance the beauty of our property. They give the atmosphere a new and enigmatic charisma. They simply add oodles of life and aliveness to the whole ambiance.

    RR Interiors offer an in-depth range of rugs, wooden or PVC flooring, and carpets in Rajasthan. Not only you get a wide range of floor coverings with us, we also offer expert services for accurate measurement of your property and proper installation of carpets, rugs, and flooring of your choice.

    Take a look at some of the offerings by RR Interiors in custom flooring in Rajasthan:

    Best Rugs in Jaipur

    RR Interiors has emerged as one of the top rugs suppliers in Jaipur. We are also among the renowned retailer of rugs in Jaipur. We offer a range of floor rugs that can enhance the look of your surroundings.

    Our experts can guide you to choose the right size of rug or carpet and the one that completely compliments your furniture. It is necessary that you know the size of the rug that you wish to implant in your property. There are 3 types of rug sizes that you can pick for your living room:-

  • A small rug that does not touch the furniture. This one is the least preferred.
  • A rug size where only the front legs of the furniture are made to sit on the corners.
  • A rather large rug which looks even after the whole furniture is settled upon. This type of rug gives your living room a lively look.

    Whether you need simple jute rugs or modern, contemporary rugs, you will find every variety of rugs in Jaipur at RR interiors. You also get an amazing collection of decorative rugs, hand-knotted rugs, designer rugs, shag rug, etc. with us. This extensive collection of rugs has helped us on becoming the best rug retailers in Jaipur.

    Wooden and PVC Flooring Dealer in Jaipur

    No floor treatment is complete without floor coverings like wooden or vinyl flooring. RR Interiors has made its name as the top PVC vinyl flooring dealer in Jaipur.

    However, it is not just PVC flooring but we are also known as the best wooden flooring dealer in Rajasthan. We have provided exceptional wooden flooring services in Jaipur over the past few years.

    That is why we have become the favorite of our customers who have trusted us to give them a beautiful hardwood floor. Be it white wooden flooring or classic laminated wooden flooring, we can get you the type of floor treatment that you desire.

    Whether you need vinyl floorings in Jaipur or laminate floorings, RR Interiors provide you with the best option and flooring services in Rajasthan.

    Carpet Supplier in Jaipur

    If you are looking for floor carpet dealers in Jaipur for custom flooring, look no further than RR Interiors. With our extensive experience in home decor industry in Rajasthan, we provide you with the best collection of carpets.

    Some of the types of carpet floor coverings that you can get at RR Interiors include designer carpets, wool carpets, hand-woven carpets, and several other fancy carpets.

    In addition to being wholesalers of carpets in Jaipur, we also offer custom floor carpets according to your individual preferences. When you contact us for custom flooring, we visit your premises to take the measurement and note down your preferences.

    Based on these, we will offer you tailor-made options of carpets for your offices or homes from which you can pick the best option. We also carry the installation of floor carpets all over Rajasthan so you only need to choose the best carpets and let us do the rest of the work.

    We are open to all the other options. We can even offer you perfect guidance if you wish to cover the whole of your house or office with the accent rugs, wooden or PVC flooring, or carpets. They grant your property a standard and exuberant look.

    Contact RR Interiors now for best custom flooring service in Jaipur and make lively changes to your homes and offices. Apart from this, being a renowned wallpaper dealer in Jaipur, we also offer exceptional wall treatment service in Jaipur using designer wall coverings.

    You can also contact us for other home decor products and interior furnishing services like:

  • Wholesale bed sheets in Jaipur
  • Custom Window Treatment
  • Upholstery Sofa Fabrics
  • Best Curtains in Jaipur

    Wall Treatment Service In Jaipur

    Do you feel that walls of your home or office have become old Are you tired of the same old wall paintings that lose their shine with time Do not worry as RR Interiors brings you exceptional wall treatment service in Jaipur that can transform the look of your interior decor with stylish wallpapers and wallcoverings .

    RR Interiors is a renowned name in the home furnishing and interior decor industry of Rajasthan. With over 30 years of experience, RR interiors is one of the best dealers and suppliers of several home decor products.

    When it comes to wall treatment services, you should trust only the best name in the business. This is because RR interiors is the most trusted supplier of wallpapers in Jaipur. It is our mission to make your dream home turn into a reality with excellent furnishing and decor products.

    Bygone is the era of pale and dull walls. Today, everybody wishes to give everything a new and majestic look. The pale walls are now covered with colorful and designer wallpapers and wallcoverings. RR interiors is the biggest trader of exceptional wall coverings in Jaipur.

    We offer a wide range of wall treatments that can grant your walls a new and charismatic life. Our experts can help you select the right ones that gel up efficiently with your furniture and decor. The designer coverings can even be made as per the demands of the customers.

    Why RR Interiors for Wall Treatment Services in Jaipur

    The expertise of RR interiors in the home furnishing industry makes it your number 1 choice if you want to have wall treatment in Jaipur. When you reach us with a desire to transform the look of your walls, we follow a professional approach to meet your requirements. Some of the reasons why you should only trust RR Interiors for wall treatment in Jaipur are:

  • Expertise in wall decorating and home furnishing
  • Attention to individual preferences of a customer
  • Inspection of Your Site, Furniture, and other parameters
  • Vast Collection of Wallpapers and Wallcoverings
  • Assured quality of wallpaper material
  • Only the Best brands of home furnishing

    We carefully listen to your demands and strive hard to meet your expectations to give a beautiful look to your home and office walls. You cannot help but wonder at the renewed look of your walls once we complete the wall treatment process.

    Therefore, it is easy to give your walls a happy appearance if you give a chance to RR Interiors for wall decor. And it also helps you uplift your prestige in the society. Contact RR Interiors now for best wall treatment services in Jaipur with designer wallpapers for your living room and offices.

    Apart from wall treatment, RR Interiors also offers several other home furnishing services and interior decor products like:

  • Custom Window Treatment in jaipur
  • Sofa Fabric in jaipur
  • Custom Flooring in jaipur
  • Window Blinds and Shades in jaipur

    Hotel Supplier In Jaipur, Wholesale Hotel Supplies, Bed & Bath Linens

    Are you looking for reliable hotel suppliers in Jaipur Do you need quality items for your restaurant or hotel in Jaipur from a trusted vendor You have come to the right place. RR Interiors is the renowned home decor and furnishing store in Jaipur that can provide bed and bath linens, door mats, hotel bedding, sofa fabrics, duvets, and many more items to fulfill your every need of wholesale hotel supplies in Jaipur.

    RR Interiors is a renowned home decor and furnishing accessories store in Jaipur. Over the past three decades, we have made our name as the best home decor store in Jaipur. Apart from being retailers and dealers of decor items, we also offer luxury hotel supplies on wholesale.

    At RR Interiors, you can discover a range of hotel bedding linens like pillowcases, bed sheets, duvets, cushion and cushion covers or mattresses. In addition, you can also get other bed and bath linens such as towels, shower curtains, and mats that give a premium feel to your guests.

    Apart from fulfilling hotel and motel linen needs, we also provide interior decor products such as designer wallpapers and wall coverings, premium rugs, different types of runners, sofa upholstery fabrics, and wall to wall carpets for hotels. With our hotel supply outlet, you can get everything you need to impress your customers and make them visit your hotel again and again.

    Take a look at our range of wholesale hotel supplies and services for your premises:

  • Bed Sheets and Pillowcases
  • Mattresses
  • Shower Curtains
  • Wall to Wall Carpets
  • Window Blinds and Shades
  • Duvets
  • Towels
  • Runners Rugs and Carpets
  • Door Mats
  • Wallpapers and Wallcoverings
  • Sofa fabrics

    With its premium and durable hotel supplies, RR Interiors ensures that your guests have a comfortable experience every time they visit your hotel. Moreover, with our designer interior decor products like wallpapers and carpets, you can also give an ultra modern look to your hotel interiors. After all, a great first look is all you need to impress your prospective guests and customers and we help you to do that in style!

    So, trust RR Interiors for your wholesale hotel and motel linen needs and give a breathtaking look to your premises. Contact us now at +91-9887773888 or reach us at 59, New Aatish Market, Mansarovar whenever you are looking for hotel suppliers in Jaipur!

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