Threading Capabilities

3 - Quantity
Landis Cut Threaders - Equipment
These single and dual spindle threaders allow Royal Anchors to cut threads on fasteners from 3/8 diameter through 2diameter. With so many machine hours available, no order is too large and no lead time is too short. - Function

After the raw material is cut to length, threads of a mechanical fastener can be produced by either cutting or rolling. Royal Anchor is capable of cut threading through 2 diameterCut threading is a process by which steel is cut away, or physically removed, from a round bar of steel to form the threads. A 1 diameter bolt, for example, is produced by cutting threads into a full 1 diameter body of the bolt.

Bending Capabilities

2 - Quantity
Hydraulic Bender - Equipment
Used to bend anchor bolts - Function

One of the busiest departments in Royal Anchor's manufacturing facility is our bending area. Not a day goes by where we arent bending steel into some shape or another. The most common bending we do is in making 90-degree bent anchor bolts. However, while we make our fair share of standard anchor bolts, they are certainly not the only bolts being bent in our facility. We manufacture u-bolts, j-bolts, crane rail hooks. If you have the need for something completely out of the norm, send us a drawing and we will take a look at any custom bending you need. If your drawings call for the bending of high strength and/or large diameter material, that's no problem. Royal Anchors can fabricate up to 3 diameter round bar, and we have very few limitations in regards to the grade of material we are able to bend. We have 2 bending machines in our facility, Just let us know how soon you need your bolts made, and we'll do what we can to make sure your job stays on schedule.

Plate Fabrication Capabilities

Royal Anchors has the ability to shear and punch holes bar as thick as 1. Square and rectangular plates are used as templates, splice plates, washers, or anchor plates on the bottom of anchor rods embedded in concrete. Our certified welders are capable of welding plates together, welding plates to rods, welding plates to nuts, or any other requirements you may have


2 - Quantity
Certified Welders/Stud Masters - Equipment/Personnel
Provides Royal Anchors Bolt with the ability to create custom fabricated fasteners and anchor bolt assemblies High speed chamfering - Function

At Royal Anchors all bolts go through chamfering operation which is the beveling of the end of a bolt (removal of the first thread) to facilitate easy installation of a nut. These operations are performed with highly specialized equipment designed to quickly and consistently apply various degrees of points to fasteners.

Manufacturing Capabilities

1 - Quantity
Peddinghaus Shears - Equipment
Capable of shearing up to, and including, 2 diameter round bar - Function
1 - Quantity
Hyd-Mech Band saws - Equipment
Band saws are used for cutting large diameter round bar and pipe sleeves. Certain grades of heat treated round bar, small quantities, lengths which exceed shearing limitations, and headed blanks will be cut using band saws - Function

The first step in the manufacturing process of any fastener, regardless of its final configuration, is cutting the bolt to length. Raw material in the form of round bar ranging from 12 to 40 in length is either saw cut or sheared. Band saws use saw blades to cut through the steel round bar. On the other hand, shearing equipment functions like a guillotine, chopping the raw material. During the shearing operation, the material is automatically run against a stop and then sheared to length. This quick process is an extremely efficient method of cutting material and will translate into more cost effective product produced in a more time efficient manner.