Roller Blind Printed



Due to Vibrant colors & print designs ‘Print home series ‘is sweetheart to any home.

Change the look and feel of window with Marvel Roller Blinds. Roller blinds available in Plain & Printed are stylish, fantastic and easy to operate and virtually maintenance free, they add beauty and elegance to interior décor as well as add a wonderful touch to your home & office from sheer weaves to room darkening, you will find the perfect light control for your needs. You can choose different prints which matches your décor.

Available in 41 shades in printed which can be operated manually or by touch of remote.

Feature & benefit
Our printed roller blinds can redefine your Interior. They are perfectly suited to both commercial and residential applications. MARVEL printed blinds can completely transform any living space into a designers dream. Dress up your rooms by selecting our Printed Roller Blind or take a look at our fun kids prints. No matter what the style you will find it all here with your choice of printed fabric. These window treatments are commonly used to give a residence or office an aesthetic appeal, while still performing their same functional purpose of providing privacy, protection, and insulation. You have the ability to utilize these blinds in many different rooms in your home or your office. Contrary to popular belief, there is no wrong or right place in a piece of property to hang blinds. Any area of your home that you would like to shield from the sun can have a pair of blinds hung in them. These types of blinds, especially those with blackout lining, are being increasingly used to add extra protection from the sun's rays. Teamed with a pair of curtains they provide the perfect sleeping environment for both children and adults.
Roller Blind
All channels colors can be matched to fabric colors

Available in 41 shades in printed which can be operated manually or by touch of remote.
minimal and discrete when raised
raise/lower in one smooth, easy operation
shades can roll over or under roller
light filtering for views and light control
blackout fabric choice to block light and fabric option like translucent & sunscreen available
Low maintenance, less space, Economical, noncompromising on colors/design.
Light Control & Privacy
Roller Blinds are available in light filtering, room darkening and blackout depending on what level of light control you need. Light filtering is better for rooms where you will not need a high level of privacy and would prefer to have some sunlight even with the shade closed. Room darkening and blackout fabrics are good for bedrooms or bathrooms where more privacy and light control are required. This will be further discussed in the fabric opacities section.