Rockwool India Pvt. Ltd. produces stonewool products, under the brand name ROCKINSUL & TUFFINSUL.These products are widely preferred for thermal, acoustic and fire safety applications in Buildings and Industries.

ROCKINSUL and TUFFINSUL products do not absorb moisture from the ambient air nor water by capillary attraction. Only water under pressure can enter the insulation product; however it will quickly dry out owing to the open cell structure of our products. The products are free from asbestos and are non hazardous to health, rot proof, odourless and products do not sustain vermin or fungus and will not encourage mould or bacteria.

Rockwool India Pvt. Ltd. is recognized as the leading producer of stone wool insulation in India and has recently started serving other parts of Asia, GCC and MENA region. Rockwool India Pvt. Ltd, subsidiary of Kuwait based multinational company; Alghanim Industries operates two manufacturing facilities, one in Hyderabad and one in Silvassa, with a combined annual capacity of 50,000 MT. We offer wide range of Stone wool insulation products for Thermal, Acoustic and fire safety application. Rockwool India Pvt. Ltd. is a licensee of Saint-Gobain technology, and is ISO 9001 certified, IS and ASTM compliant.


To be a major insulation provider to the private, government, commercial and industrial sectors in india and other countries by manufacturing and supplying cost-effective products for thermal, acoustical and fire resistant applications with a focus on dominant market share, total customer satisfaction, adequate Profitability to sustain growth and respect the environment by continual improvement in quality through effective quality management systems.


Two state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, one in Hyderabad and another in Silvassa help us to cater the regions in India and other parts of Asia, GCC & SEA. Reliable technology and advanced manufacturing process enable us to produce consistent quality products in large volumes seamlessly to meet customer demand. Both the manufacturing facilities in Hyderabad and Silvassa have dedicated Quality department with well equipped quality testing unit which facilitates us to monitor and improve the product and process quality, adding value in our offerings to all our customers.


Rockwool India Pvt. Ltd. have streamlined manufacturing plant in Kaveli Zaheerabad near Hyderabad with the annual production capacity of over 25000 MT. The plant, with ISO certified Korean machine set up in it, started its operation in 1989. The state of the art plant has long and strong legacy of delivering world class stone wool insulation products of different densities, thickness and facing as per customer requirement for wide range of building and industrial applications. The manufacturing facility is located in and over 40acre green campus adopting best-in-class practices in environment friendly process, recycling of raw materials, and effluent and Sewage treatment.

"Efficient human resources and technology are used to optimal efficiency on all fronts, including energy, using latest productivity tools", SAP based preventive maintenance tools and employee management systems.


The plant at Silvasaa was commissioned in 2009. The facility has installed annual capacity of around 25,000 MT and the plant is equipped with latest generation technology machineries to generate high quality stone wool products. Advanced high speed multi-spinner fiberizers cum binder applicator produces fine fibers with less shot content and applies binder uniformly. State-of-the-art Pendulum Process ensures even collection and distribution of stone fibers. In-house laboratory facility and Quality department in Silvassa plant ensure consistent quality products and strives towards achieving error free manufacturing process. The plant is located in over 15 acre of land and adopts environmental friendly manufacturing process. The plant is ISO 9001-2008 certified.


Plants in Hyderabad & Silvassa use proven technology from Gobain ISOVER, world leader in insulation,

Raw Materials

  • Basalt Rock
  • Dolomite
  • Industrial Recycled Material
  • Coke (fuel


  • Basalt rock, dolomite and slag are heated to very high temperature using coke.
  • Molten mixture is passed through very high speed spinners to form fine fibers which are impregnated with thermosetting resin (Binder)
  • Fibers are converted to LRB, Slabs, Building Roll of various density, thickness and facing after passing through curing oven

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