ROCKWATER was established in 1994 and their centre of attention is designing with all domestic infrastructures. They are the foremost manufacturers and exporters of Indian handcrafted lifestyle and home décor products. They are fully amenable to major auditors like SGS, STR, and Bureau VERITAS. Their only aim is to provide affordable comfort by mixing elements of design with functionality.

The founders of ROCKWATER, Alka Mittal and Vivek Mittal were always enamored with the idea of travel. By this, they learnt to have perspective on different cultures and lifestyles. They realized the potential of Indian handicraft and the lack of its involvement in window accessories. Thus began Rockwater, a pioneer in the art of decorative window treatments, curtain rods, curtain finials and its accessories.

The creations of ROCKWATER team are available at leading stores and chains in over 40 countries across the world. They also have separate divisions for textiles lighting, knobs and hooks, mirrors and frames and other accessories.

Their products are made in a state of the art manufacturing unit that combines the finesse of handcrafting with the quality assured by modern technology and the products are well suited for individual home interior designs as well as for large architectural and interior firms. All their products are handcrafted and expertise in customizing their products to match all your needs.


ROCKWATER are equipped with sound infrastructural amenities and latest machines that ensure efficient operations, storage of products, additional supply and optimum export. Production area of over 1, 00,000 sq. Feet and the production rate of around 80,000 units per month (approx.) is maintained by them. They ensure high standards of domestic quality control at every stage of production process and provide a wide range of Handcrafted Decorative Items to their clients and customers. Their efficient team of artisans and craftsman has inherent artistic skills that are featured in their fine workmanship. Enough manpower is available to ensure timely delivery of high quality products.


  1. ISO-9001:2008 Certified.
  2. STR/SGSapproved
  3. BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) Approved. C-
  4. TPAT Security Audit Approved
  5. UL , CE , ROHS certified (for lighting)
  1. Factory Technical Compliance Approved.
  1. C-TPAT Factory Security Approved.