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Robam, a world renowned name in Kitchen chimneys and gas hobs, already having presence is US, UK, Italy, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Jordan etc. is now in India. Since established in 1979,It has constantly set foot in the kitchen appliances industry and guided the industry development through continuous technical innovations. In 35 years, ROBAM has obtained the best reputation brand for many years, from 2006 - 2013 for eight consecutive years won the Asian’s 500 most influential brand. Over 35 million families already benefited from ROBAM.

ROBAM has always committed to be a provider of such products. By virtue of the 35 years of experience in kitchen appliance field, ROBAM is able to provide products with more excellent technical performance, stronger uniqueness, and better quality to consumers, enabling each family to enjoy easy cooking experience brought about by specialization and technological innovation.

Robam aim to combine traditional cooking culture with advanced technology, enriching the cooking experience and making it more enjoyable for families everywhere. ROBAM will continue to create fashionable cooking environments for the discerning consumer.