Associated with “Ramji Enterprise“, RO Bhopal is a premier Water purifier sales & services centre Bhopal (in Maharana Pratap Nagar) and has the visionary goal to make the world a healthy and a happy place. Innovators in maintaining the high-tech Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology in Bhopal, RO Bhopal has been in the business since…….

Over the years, RO Bhopal has been evolving wondrously rapidly as a market leader to offer high-tech and brand-name water purifying systems viz. Kent, Aquafresh and Aquaguard. Today we have become synonymous with the sale of high-grade RO systems and are known for giving a virtuoso performance in the management and repairing services in a prompt and efficient manner. When it comes to the products and service charges, the price rates are simply no brainer.

RO Bhopal is has been at the cutting-edge of innovation. We are doing our best to become better in terms of our services we offer and to win trust and confidence of our existing and evolving customers on a continuing basis.

Our Vision

Being the premier vendor of RO water purifier Sales and Services Bhopal, our vision is to earn more power and cachet in the domain by invariably supplying the best services and making a big difference in peoples lives. Our fundamental vision is characterized by supplying the best RO products that thoroughly purify the water we drink and thus help people enjoy a healthier life.

Our Mission

We have a self-styled mission to be a champion in inventive brilliance. We make our best efforts to deliver the best end results for our customers, to bring about relieve from water-related diseases and the peace of mind through our wide range of water purifying services and products that deliver immaculate standards of excellence and service.

At RO Bhopal, we treasure our customers, concern about their health and deliver the best of our services and products by maintaining seamless honesty and dedication

Aqua Fresh

RO BhopalThe Leading Aqua Fresh Sales And Services

At RO Bhopal, we have been dealing in the sale and services of Aqua Fresh RO Water Purifier systems since they the systems got a release on the market in 2015. We are an experienced in delivering world-class purification solutions for commercial and domestic customers. When it comes to the sale of an Aquafresh RO water purifier, you can get the latest model from us at more reasonable price rates than our competitors. Considering the services, we deal in the installation, filter repair, cartridge repair and iron out the issues like not on the blink, faulty water purification etc.

Our Versatility

We are glad to come to your office or home, no matter what the distance is from our center at M.P Nagar to resolve the aforesaid issues in your Aquafresh RO water purifier. So whether you have a wall mount, electric purifier or a counter top purifier, we at RO Bhopal can help you iron out the issues perfectly. We have made a mark in the business for offering the best water purifying services in Bhopal and other nearby areas with our virtuoso performance. We give a scrupulous attention to the needs of our customers and deliver the world-class solutions based on the customers needs and their budget. We also offer comprehensive after-sales services for Aquafresh RO water purifier.

Get In Touch With Us

RO Bhopal is open 8:00 AM-10:00 PM Monday-Sunday all through a year to render you with the unmatched technical support and assistance with doorstep visit. Contact us for any issue, feedback or concern you have.

Aqua Guard

Ro BhopalThe Leading Aquaguard Sales And Services

Due to the growing pollution in water, water purifiers or Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems have become a staple commodity in todays life for everyone. With specialization in the sales and service of all types of Aquaguard water purifiers, RO Bhopal is your premier Aquaguard sales and services in Bhopal and nearby areas. Our services range from repairing a domestic RO system that is on the blink to Replacing Filters and maintaining the system etc., you can trust on our RO professional team who is an old hand at dealing with Aquaguard water purifiers very well and offering second-to-none customer support service.

Unmatched Sales And Service

Whether you are using an outmoded or the latest model of Aquaguard RO water purifier, we at RO Bhopal are dedicated to offering you the unmatched sale and repairing service at no-brainer price rates. We also give you the guarantee that the installation, repairing as well as maintenance of your Aquaguard water purifier will be dealt with in the most proficient and efficient fashion with a prompt response.

Seasoned Ro Technicians

We are armed with seasoned technicians and offer you world-beating services that you can count on without a second thought. From giving maintenance to your Aquaguard RO UV water purifier to replacing the faulty water filters with new and perfect ones in Bhopal and nearby areas, we at RO Bhopal are here to keep your RO system always up and running.


Kent Ro The Growing Demand For Water Purifiers

As you may be aware of the fact due to mushrooming pollution in water everywhere, water purifiers have become a staple need of our day-to-day life. That is why only a prompt and a dedicated service of RO can offer thorough purity and superlative water quality. At this significant point, RO Bhopal comes in hand to all customers with a desperate urge to safeguard their health at all costs.

Ro BhopalThe Leading Kent Ro Water Purifier Bhopal

RO Bhopal is the predominant sales and service provider of repair, installation & maintenance of Kent RO water purifier Bhopal. From regular professional RO servicemen who do not believe in replacing RO filters, you can count on our adept RO professionals in Bhopal who excel in quality RO repairs and offering unmatched 24/7 customer support service.

Our Commitment

While you choose RO Bhopal for purchasing, installing and/or maintenance of your Kent ultra UV water purifier or any other version; we give you the guarantee to offer simply the best services. It does not make any difference whether you have a domestic or commercial RO Purifier, our technicians have a copious experience in dealing with all types of issues the system has.