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R.K. Steel Industry was founded in 1964 by Mr. Kishan Chand Mahajan with co-partner Mr. Parshotam Mahajan. Our Company's success starts with our enormous 50,000 square feet industrial area. Inside our trained staff maintains a smooth. orderly operation.
We are customer friendly, service oriented business that offers competitively priced products of the highest quality. We at R.K.Steel Industries strives to make an organisation a professional andWe strongly believe that the foundation and success of any business is to ultimately satisfy the consumer, and we promote this with our products, which must function with ease, have the desired appearance and emphasis on good quality for long lasting service, and just important priced well within reach. CUSTOMERS SATISFACTION is our motto!

Quality Policy

To be a major insulation provider to the private, government, commercial and industrial sectors in india and other countries by manufacturing and supplying cost-effective products for thermal, acoustical and fire resistant applications with a focus on dominant market share, total customer satisfaction, adequate Profitability to sustain growth and respect the environment by continual improvement in quality through effective quality management systems.


Two state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, one in Hyderabad and another in Silvassa help us to cater the regions in India and other parts of Asia, GCC & SEA. Reliable technology and advanced manufacturing process enable us to produce consistent quality products in large volumes seamlessly to meet customer demand. Both the manufacturing facilities in Hyderabad and Silvassa have dedicated Quality department with well equipped quality testing unit which facilitates us to monitor and improve the product and process quality, adding value in our offerings to all our customers.

  • Screw Company to apply HT-2 formula for Black/Brown Screws
  • ISO 9001 : 2000 Certified Screw Company
  • PQM-60 Certified Screw Company
  • Screw Company to Achieve D.N.I.A. Award 2001
  • Screw Company to manufacture 800 Screw sizes
  • Screw Company to use Hightech Hydraulic Machines
  • Screw Company to have 200 National outlets
  • Screw Company to use Euro German Wire Draw
  • Screw Company to manufacture widest range of Wood Screws
  • Screw Company to manufacture full gauge screws
  • Screw Company to generate Tensile Strength 510 N/nm2 Max
  • Screw Company to use Grade confirming to IS-7887
  • Screw Company to give 100% Product back guarantee
  • Screw Company to give 100 Money back guarantee
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