RINOX is global leader in modular stainless steel handrail fittings and glass hardware. It has gained respect amongst the most quality conscious buyers across world.

A Global leader in Modular Stainless Steel Railing Systems
RINOX, a German lineage company, has proudly brought to India a complete range of Premium Stainless Steel Railing Systems. RINOX, which is a part of US $50 million ACL Group, is a trendsetter in the Global StainlessSteel Architectural space. Rinox is also India’s largest exporter of Stainless Steel Architectural Hardware to European and American continents.

RINOX is the only RAILING company in India whose products carry the CE mark certifying that they pass the strictest European quality norms.

RINOX products come with full warranty for complete user satisfaction and peace of mind. They have been tested and certified to ISO 9001:2008 quality system. Various global certification bodies have given quality certification to RINOX including TU V-Sud Germany, UKAS-UK etc.
RINOX is the only company to offer CE, TU V & ISO certified Railings in India