Riedel, a company with a difference as its products and services are reflection of finely amalgamated tradition with innovation. The company, having 250 years of success and experience and from the days of its beginnings in North region of Bohemia till date, it is has witnessed 11 generations till now. The Riedel Glass stands on the top most position when it comes to glassmaking. They manufacture glasses of finest quality to meet all technical and self-gratifying needs. On fine wine, the effect casted by these glasses is intense and beautiful. They make a difference that cannot be described and emphasized.

The entire Riedel family never stamped its name even on the single wine-bottle but since the past 50 years, this company has mastered the art of glassmaking. In the long history, the Claus Riedel was the first to design the shape of glass according to the wine character. Thus, he became the inventor of functional wine glass.