RICHTER akustik & design formerly RICHTER Furniertechnik in Melle/Germany was founded in 1984 by Mr. Eberhard Richter. With more than 80 employees the company successfully expanded internationally as a source of innovative ideas and flexible solutions. A lot of international recognitions and official awards, among these the one to the 100 most innovative companies, shows that RICHTER is one of the Top 100 innovators in Germany.

Based on 30 years experience in the veneer industry, Mr. Eberhard Richter started in 2004 to build up a new, very exciting international brand. In order to execute this development in the most professional manner, he together with Mr. Lokesh Arora, an Indian professional having more than 25 years profound experience in the stone industry, founded Richter India Pvt Ltd. in 2012, Based on the know-how and vast experience of these entrepreneurs, Richter India production line is perfectly prepared to meet and fulfil all International demands and requirements.


A highly skilled, experienced and strongly motivated team of workers,supervisors and technocrats have put in their utmost to keep the quality of Stone-Veneer on the road to perfection. By using the sophisticated and proven German quality management- from the sourcing of raw materials, to the perfectly mechanized production line to the final delivery of the goods, - Richter India ensures that the esteemed customers all over the world always can rely upon highest international quality standards-Richter Stone-Veneer being the pioneer in the field! Some thousands of square meters of Stone-Veneer in all sizes are readily available in our new vastly enlarged logistic center. It is easily possible for us to supply nearly any quantity of sheet quickly and efficiently to a prospective buyer in any place the world.


By using STONE VENEER in place of natural stone, we can save more than 80% of natural resources in the form of stone, sand and cement and thus save our environment, apart from making the structures much lighter in case of towered civil construction for residential or commercial projects.