Revex Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. is an integral unit of revex group which is having a presence of over 50 years. The Group is truly committed to the quality ensured products in engineering field. The professional and well organized management of staff and strict quality control to deliver best in class products to the world are some of the qualities of the company.

They have invested in unmatched manufacturing and research and development unit to produce Reveco Artificial Translucent Stones and other products. They have collaboration with world leaders of the Artificial Translucent Stones market and have recorded an extremely wide presence in international markets including US, Europe and Middle East.


Reveco is a material which is formed with combining the durability of stone and hardwood workability. There are many elements involved in the fabrication techniques.

In comparison to wood, reveco is harder and powerful saws and routers are used in order to get a full sheet from it to produce desired pieces. Circular saws are used for straight cut whereas curved cuts are produced with the help of manual routers.

For minimizing the material and facilitating the installation, joints are made 45 degree and edges that are to be joined are straight, clean and smooth. Reveco Joint Adhesive is used for the joints.

Apart from cutting and joining, finishing of reveco is a significant element so as to satisfy the customer's perception about the company's ability to fabricate the use of Reveco. You can use sanding paper of 320 or 800 grit 3m in order to polish the edges as required.

Drills are designed especially for plastics and they are available in a variety of range. It is recommended that drills are utilized properly while drilling stone. Apart from that, standard twist drills are used for metals and wood. But, they need a slow and controlled speed for producing a clean and non-gummed hole.


Matte finish
Most of the countertops come with a matte finish. In order to maintain this finish, you can use an abrasive cleanser and rub the stain in a circular motion with green scotch brite pad from water.

Scratch removal
Remove the scratch with the use of 220 grit paper and perform sanding in circular movements. Again, follow this process using 320 or 400 grit paper.

Basic care
In case the counter has high gloss or polished finish use non abrasive cleanser and apply it with a sponge.

Use trivet or a hot pad along with rubber feet for appliances producing heat and also under hot pan or pots. Do not perform cutting directly on the counter top surface. Instead of that, use a cutting board for such purposes.

The Reveco is not apt for below-grade wall applications. You should protect with hot pads or shield to resist heat. A 6mm sheet is usually restricted from the vertical applications. Since it is a mineral filed material, and there can be some variation in color from sheet to sheet. It is nonporous also therefore it cannot absorb spills and stains. Some stains and chemicals can damage the surface reveco including ketones, sulphuric acid, chlorinated solvents, etc.


Distance between light source and reveco sheets needs to be observed as it may differ with the thickness and particular color of the material and employed lighting. You should test to get desired lighting before installation.

Non backlit applications
While application of Reveco sheets on the solid and opaque substrate, color variations can be seen in the substrate via the translucent panels. Keep uniformity in the color of walls or substrate, which is white usually, and a silicon adhesive must be applied to get best results. If you are using reveco material for joinery, cladding, and walls or similar, you are required to make sure sufficient support is being catered for the prevention of flexing or bowling in the material.

Supports and hardware for backlit walls and ceilings
For onyx walls, or backlit alabaster, dividers, ceilings in reveco, there are many kinds of glass hardware stand offs, cable and rod systems, door hardware, railings and much more that can work speculate with Reveco.