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Residence At Bhugaon
Residence At Bhugaon
Residence At Bhugaon
Residence At Bhugaon

Location: Bhugoan, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Project Work Status: Proposed Projects

Area: 1Acre

Since it's a sloping site towards east, there are a lot of trees in & around the plot. Keeping these things in mind, we had designed the farm house in such a way that there is less cutting of trees & making full use of the slope.

The area below the plinth is in RCC, retaining the walls & stone work in order to avoid the water seepage from all sides of the building. Here the inside walls as well as the outside walls are all cladded with sheets & the area beneath the slabs are also incorporated with metal.

As the climate is hot & humid in the summer, east facade of the building is kept fully glazed with an opening to have a view from the hill top. West facade of the bldg is also kept gazed with an open able glass louvers for cross ventilation.

The top of the bldg has a water tank which has its own identity & which acts as a watch tower for the farm house with a viewing gallery.

Water supply to the site is from the society water reservoir tank, & unit has its own water tank which is in the south west corner of the plot.