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Research Laboratory
Research Laboratory
Research Laboratory

Location: Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

Cost: 140 Crores

Area: 30,000 Sq.M.

Client: Iit Kanpur

A modular research space which promotes interdisciplinary research programs was proposed at IIT Kanpur campus. The building has been designed on the modular concept providing enough opportunities for accommodation of different types of laboratories viz wet, dry, heavy engineering, nuclear etc within its structure. Specific spaces are enmarked for accommodation of heavy engineering labs wherein different heights have been provided for accommodation of the heavy engineering research facilities. The basic corridors and circulation of the building is defined in accordance with the NBC and IS Codes and provisional spaces for the different laboratories is provided which can accommodate different configurations/type of labs or can accommodate them all within the space. All internal partitions are of gypsum boards such that they can easily be altered as per the requirements. A network of deck flooring was proposed for the entire areas wherein the utilities and services were taken which are connected with the continuous layer of vertical shafts connecting all the laboratory spaces of different floors. Necessary services as per the needs of the research project are provided through these shafts. This building is designed on the principals of sustainable architecture with incorporation of all passive green strategies viz. North South orientation, wind towers, green roofs, double insulated walls etc.