The dream (after all begins with a dream) we had, was not just making or selling playground systems but to offer total solutions. You will notice we say experts in play not in playing because as we all know children will always hold that title, however through creativity, innovations and conviction we aim to be a leading player in the field of play. This is our Company’s Vision.

Our guiding mantra is – “Encourage play for play’s sake”. As childhood is not a dress rehearsal for adulthood. It is a distinct, Unique and very special part of life. Likewise play is not just way for children to learn, develop and socialize but it is also there as a fun and essential part of childhood.

REPLAY is a brand having offices in all Metro Cities.

With 5 offices, and over 150 employees, we provide a wide spectrum of unique solutions and services to a clientele of premier organizations in the government (such as municipalities and public parks) and private sectors (such as premium builders, schools, hotels, resorts, clubs).

Every component that goes into a REPLAY products are manufactured in state of the art manufacturing unit located in Nagpur.

REPLAY has its localized infrastructure in every major city in India (Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore).

REPLAY’s design and support team is located in Nagpur that is totally equipped to provide all our customers with design and R&D support in terms of 3D, Auto-CAD layouts and base plan design.

We manage turnkey projects, right from consulting, designing, building and installing our systems in various parts of the world. Our business is structured to provide a “One Stop Solution” to all our clients. Our extensive experience in the playground industry, helps provide our customer, total solutions, right from choosing the right equipment, subsequent flooring, to building a playground that will make a project extremely unique.

Strong Service delivery chain- We have established an extensive services network in all key cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and in India.