We are manufacturers & Exporters of RELIANCE brand Sanitary ware in very wide range of colors & shapes. With every creative & innovative designing ideas backed by unique material composition and cared manufacturing process reflecting our experience and research, we have been able to offer a superb class sanitary ware product range to make your creative designing dream reality.

We have full range of Ceramics Sanitary ware items. We have well equipped plant run by well-experienced team to meet customers requirements both Quality and Quantity wise. Our products have earned name in domestic market as well as international market.

With help of round the clock working tunnel kiln for firing we have been able to keep rates of our products at very reasonable level, further our commitment for proper quality and better services is always there. Combination of proper quality, reasonable rates and better services will surely help in convincing your customers for regular orders. With your help we wish to develop new market benefiting both of us and for that we assure you personal care in handling your requirements.

Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process

Production and Technology

Ceramics India believes in doing the best to be the best. In its quest for excellence it has implemented a number of instrumental improvements in production and technology.

Raw Material
We use high quality raw material from branded companies. The material is tested before being accepted by the stores. The non-conforming raw material is not accepted into production. Further we downgrade the supplier for the same. Our Vendor rating system enables us to work with the most reliable suppliers. We check the vendor for his Product Quality, Timely delivery and Product offer as a whole.
Slip Preparation
The Ball Mill uses the pebbles in required proportions. The pebbles are long lasting and uniform in size and enable uniform grinding of the material. This gives consistent slip which ultimately effects the consistency of the final products. The rejections are reduced because of high degree of control on the process.
In the unorganized sector, most of the grinding is done manually. This is a common practice. The traditional system though good enough is slow. We have employed battery casting for our fast moving products. The system also gives very uniform and consistent cast pieces. The green stage and the drying rejections are minimum. The green ware is checked by by a well trained QC supervisor, before sending the same for glazing.
Raw Glazing
The Glaze material is prepared in a closely controlled environment to reduce colour difference between the different glazing batches. The glazing stations are of modern design so as to control the glazing function in order to enhance the consistency and uniformity of the glazing process.
Firing is done in state-of-the-art tunnel kilns. Gas is used as the firing agent. While most of the industries use oil, or kerosene. Usage of gas guarantees better distribution of the heat and hence the products will have smooth water retarding surface and strong vitreous body that lasts very long.
The final Q.C. is done with a predefined checklist on the product. The R.O.K. first Choice and second choice are sorted lout based on the checklist and the products meeting the criteria. Each and every piece is checked for its conformity and hence there is a hundred percent checking.
The bundles are normally packed in grass because that is the requirement of the market today. However, we can provide box packing with shrink wrapped pallets. We understand that this is the type of packing desired by certain markets.
Quality Certificate
Quality Testing Report
Quality Testing Report