Refresh mattresses is a brand of Prime Comfort Products Pvt. Ltd. It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of high-quality flexible polyester and polyether PU Foam. It has set up a world class manufacturing facility at Greater Noida (Uttar Pradesh), with an annual capacity of 10,000 tons. The plant is equipped with state-of-art technology and uses some of the latest equipment such as a Hennecke foaming plant, a 32 Meter loop peeler and many other machines.

Mr. Praduman Patel, the promoter of Prime Comfort Pvt. Ltd. has more than 30 years of industrial experience. With his knowledge and expertise in the foam industry, Refresh Mattress has acquired the capability to manufacture a wide range of PU foams with the highest quality standards.

In order to deliver consistent quality, the quality control system is linked to a strong ERP system that allows to track individual foam back to its origin and to ensure continual improvement in quality. This ensures always exceeding customer expectations.

The Philosophy

Refresh mattresses were founded on a nine-point Philosophy. These nine points express the principles and virtues on which our company is based on and serve to continually guide and remind our employees to always strive for excellence; act with integrity and produce products of value that are built right and built to last.

  • We strive for excellence in all we do
  • We care about our customers and recognize The Original Mattress Factory’s reason for existence is to provide them with a product of value and to treat them with courtesy.
  • We will not compromise our integrity for any reason.
  • Reward our employees consistent with their contribution.
  • Provide opportunities for our employees to learn and grow.
  • Focus only on what is needed to run the business.
  • Listen to others.
  • Create a win/win situation in everything we do.
  • Take good care of the company and in turn, it will take care of us.

A Complete Wellness Brand

Refresh mattress, your wellness expert, takes care of the time you spend sleeping with complete comfort and support. It gives comfort, durability and strength - ideal for a perfect sleeping system. Refresh mattress comes with a unique and extra reward that helps body rest better and gives a share of sound sleep.

Rohan Patel, the sales director, Refresh Mattress says: The lack of proper sleep can cause various problems in human body. We design mattress ergonomically that suits persons body to have a good eight hours sleep and lead a healthy life. We do not manufacture just mattresses; we give our users the concept of healthy sleep. Our mantra has always been Sleep healthy. Wake beautiful

What'S So Special About Refresh Mattress

Each Refresh mattress comes packed with unique features that make the mattress the most appropriate sleeping system for the human body. It creates the least amount of lower back muscle tension and allows the spine to retain its natural shape. Some of its unique features are:

  • Provides ultimate support and comfort to body
  • Help maintain a natural blood circulation in the body
  • The mattresses are breathable and self-ventilating
  • Helps preventing backaches and other spinal disorders
  • Is the best body contour support sleeping system for the body
  • Maintains the optimum body temperature during sleep
  • Is an all season mattresses with dual sides for all four seasons.

The Refresh Matteress Advantage

Refresh mattresses are duly approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards and are manufactured By International organization for standardization for international standards for business, society & organization, fulfilling all quality parameters. Its the right posturepedic mattress which fulfills all medical, physiological and health requirements of human body. We design and craft these mattresses scientifically, in a state-of-art unit, with complete attention to details.

In addition to this, we use superior tapestry, high density PU foam, premium quality organic sheeting, extra thick comfort layers and breathers that allow the mattress to breathe

The Mission

The mission of our company is to Leverage our experience in manufacturing to continuously innovate and exceed our customers expectations. Our focus is on:

    Exceeding client Satisfaction: Given generations of experience, we continuously transform our expertise to benefit our customers by enhancing manufacturing technologies.

    Adhering to Industrial best practices: The Refresh mattress quality is built up on many generation of experience. Our craftsmen undergo extensive training on quality and skill set.

    Quality - Our first priority: Our time-bound process ensures that every piece of fabric, spring, and sheet of padding meets stringent set of criteria before it becomes a part of mattress. Continuous inspection, throughout manufacturing, ensures that we maintain the highest standard from fitment to finished mattress.

    Investment on technology: To ensure quality, efficiency and prompt delivery, Refresh mattresses make ongoing investments in the manufacturing system. We take periodic steps to enhance productivity of our skilled labor and to enable them to produces a superior product delivered on time.

Refresh mattress delivers mattresses with QUALITY, COMFORT, and having high VALUE. Around the globe, Spring Air has been delivering with complete client satisfaction to the retailers as well as institutional clients.