Re-Domus Noida, India, August 2014

Two days interactive session with professionals that analyses the critical aspects of residences.

Re-Domus aims at equipping the mind to understand and analyze the functioning of a residence. The application based design approach is used to enhance our understanding of the fundamental elements that form the skeletal structure of any building. 

The session shall integrate theory and its application for various topics (as per schedule). Participants shall design the residence simultaneously with the various theoretical discussions and keep on improvising their design on the basis of the discussions. This layer on layer format shall help one understand the importance of various aspects involved in a project. 

Fee for two-day event: INR 2000/-
The fee shall include the training expenses for two days, meals and the raw materials/equipment required. Provision for accommodation shall be made at the studio itself. Separate halls for boys and girls shall be provided.

As per the schedule, participant shall have to submit their entries at the end of the programme; winner shall be chosen on the basis of his/ her design. A certificate will be issued at the end of the programme to all the participants.
Re-Domus Noida, India, August 2014