The couple Ravi Chawla and Mina Chawla realised a noble dream of providing home decor solutions and fashionable clothing solutions to the people of India and thus established Ravissant. They have depicted rare beauty in their own unique world of fashion which has produced a discerning effect on the people’s mind in terms of looks, admiration and their purchase. They are perhaps the first designer brand of India. They have introduced innovation and uniqueness in the living and dressing of the people.

They have divided their varied range of living and styling products into various categories which include Ravissant fashion, Ravissant Jewellery, Ravissant silver and Ravissant home.

Ravissant Fashion: Ravissant Fashion comprises of the exclusive collection of Womens garments which includes various fashion wear of latest modern trends like Kaftans, dresses, skirts, blouses and handcrafted sarees. All their exclusive range of sarees possesses intricate and delicate designs of various European designers.

Ravissant jewellery: They also offer exquisite range of diamond and precious stones jewellery to add elegance in the beauty of a woman. They use finest quality and reliable diamonds as well colourful stones in the designing of their Jewellery. Every design has its own significant importance. They have added new style and design in their jewellery by fusing it with diamonds, metals and various antique pieces.

Ravissant Silver: They also cater the rare range of sterling silverware since 1991 for the people. These silver products are the premium products of Ravissant which are available in limited edition. Various well known and recognised silversmiths from Swiss, Holland and Germany who possess huge experience in this field have designed these products. Some of the well known silversmiths include Mr. Paul Binder of Switzerland, ArjanLucs and Paul de vries of Holland and Prof. Jan Van Nouhuys of University of Schonhoven.

Ravissant Home: The most amazing collection of Ravissant is its home decor collection which includes cushion covers and bedspreads. Both the products are elegantly prepared with finest quality material of silk and cotton which posses their own individual textures.
Apart from this high class collection of Ravissant, they have a total of 9 stores across India as well as various luxurious Beauty Salon and Spa which caters the need of body and hair care of the people. The Salons and Spa of Ravissant possess an efficient team of technicians who are exceptionally talented and skilled in this field. They also include hair dressers of France.

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