Ravindra Kanvinde

Ravindra Kanvinde
  • Currently Working as a Private Consultant for RED Architects & Interior Design
  • Worked in Larsen & Toubro Ltd, Mumbai from September 2010 to February 2011
  • Worked in Engineer's Office, Dubai as Senior Project Architect from February 1999 to August 2010
  • Worked in the Copenhagen Group, Dubai as Senior Architect from January 1998 to January 1999
  • Worked at Brewer Smith and Brewer Gulf Dubai from 1982 to as Senior Architect 1998
  • Other relevant experiences include stints with Dubai UAE Joint Design Partnership, Don Manners & Associates, Cagdas Associates, Mumbai India Architects
  • Affiliated to the Registered Architect of Council of Architecture India

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Ravindra Kanvinde