Ravikumar Kashi's deconstruction of familiar images demands the rethinking of representation. It further stresses the ambivalence or hybridity that characterises the site of juxtaposition, a liminal space in which different meanings are articulated and may also take on imagined constructions. In fact meaning is formed in between or in excess of the sum of its parts. In this sense the boundary becomes the place where something new begins. In Ravikumar Kashi's work it becomes the place that mediates relative meanings and a site where new meanings come into existence.

Ravikumar's primary concern has always been the production of meaning and the ways in which images become imbued with meanings... At all times there is a deliberately ambiguous combination of original and appropriated imagery. The juxtapositions of these vignettes evoke filmic montage in which visual elements are arranged to produce meanings not otherwise present in individual images. Subverting the recognizable, and allowing the familiar to become strange through odd juxtapositions, details and illogical compositions... but ultimately leave the viewer to develop meaning out of the layered images and disjunctions.

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