Ravi Shankar

Ravi Shankar

Ravi Shankar is an architect, designer and founder of Ravi Shankar Architects:

RSA, a boutique architecture and design firm established in the year 1994. Ravi?s foray into this field began by studying fine arts for a year, which helped him to use his mind and body to truly ?create?. This was the impetus that led him to his architectural studies.

It was at the University of Houston, College of Architecture that he had the good fortune to interact with international visiting architects. This led to the realization that architecture is a result of contemporary thought rather than any particular style. He went on to receive scholarships in design and ended his final year by winning the coveted ?Gold Medal? as well.

Moving to India after a brief stint of working and teaching in Houston was a conscious decision. The desire to set up his own design firm and amalgamate what he had been exposed to in the west with the influences of his own upbringing here in India was extremely vital to Ravi?s growth as an architect.

Ravi Shankar Architects, as on today?s date, is constantly evolving, absorbing and shaping itself according to the needs of our ever changing life style. Ravi himself travels extensively to Europe and the Far East meeting with manufacturers and vendors of various products.

RSA today has direct access to international markets and we are constantly upgrading our data base to incorporate new and unique materials and ideas.

RSA has a very inclusive method of working and are constantly encouraging their clients and consultants to ideate. The firm continues to grow keeping our design sensibility strong. Projects include high-end private residences, hospitality, retail, corporate offices, developer projects, show apartments, sales offices and much more. Over the last 21+ years the firm has designed and executed numerous projects all over India and many of which have been published in leading magazines and even won prestigious awards.

RSA today stands where it is due to this process which has fused contemporary thought with Indian sensibilities creating an international product that is relevant in our times across the globe.

Architectural Registration :
  1. Council of Architect. Member
  2. Indian Institute of Architects. Registration No.9796
  3. Institute of Indian Interior Designers.
  4. Associate Life Membership No.1029.
Selected Academic Teaching & Jury Member:
  1. University of Houston- College of Architecture- Assistant Tutor.
  2. L.S.Raheja College of Architecture ? Teaching & Jury Member.
  3. Premlila Vithaldas Polytechnic (S.N.D.T Women?s University) ? Teaching ??& Jury Member.
  4. Sir J.J College of Architecture ?Jury Member.

Work Experience

Designer And Founder

Education Details

Graduated with the Gold Medal for Design
Recipient of the University of Houston, Architectural Foundation
Research Scholarship.
Recipient of the University of Houston, College of Architecture,
Alumni Scholarship. | 1992 - 1993
Recipient of the University Of Houston, College of Architecture,
Deterring Scholarship. | 1991 - 1992
Acceptance into the Honors Studio, at the University of Houston,
College of Architecture. | 1991 - 1992
Bachelors of Architecture

Personal Details

Ravi Shankar