Mr. Ravi Gadre has over 3 decades of experience in the field of architecture , interior designing . The partnership company was founded by Ar. Ravi Gadre in 1979 as M/S Gadre Limaye and Associates, later founded Ravi Gadre And Associates in 1998 , and currently he is the proprietor of both the firms . Ravi Gadre strongly believes in ‘Modernism’ for its capacity to generate new forms and spaces with rationality. It is clearly evident in his designs, the use of geometry and pure forms. This makes the structures dignified, resolved, and authentic.

Juxtaposition of rational spaces and geometrical forms, involving conventional techniques and building material are brought to a comfort level for contemporary lifestyle. The inspirations taken from nature, makes his structures stand out in the surroundings like a flower, not necessarily merging in it. Climate responsive logic, beauty and dignity, truthfulness are the lessons he learnt from the nature. Drawing caricatures and cartoons is also a source of inspiration for his architectural thinking.

For climate based issues, Ravi Gadre often thinks of vernacular architecture that proved its efficiency in the past with the intelligent use of available building materials and techniques. The effective transformation of traditional aspects and values, in essence, in the spaces created, are physically as well as psychologically comfortable. His structures are easy to use may be complex to look. They are user and viewer friendly, responsive to climate with unconventional combination of contemporary conventional materials and technique with economy. India is developing very fast and the social, economical, cultural values are rapidly changing.
People are in dilemma between ‘Tradition and Modernity’ which has created many issues and restrictions in architecture also. In the contemporary Indian architecture, converting ‘Restrictions’ in to ‘Limitations” Architect Ravi Gadre’s architectural journey can be called as ‘AN ENJOYMENT WITH ADVERSITY’ Ravi Gadre and Associates have received many.

Personal Details
RUTU 23, Mandar Society, Off Pune -Satara Road,Near Padmavati Temple, Pune, Maharashtra, India - 411009,

Phone:+91 20 24223402

Owner: Ravi Gadre

Founded: 1998