Ravi Dhingra

Ravi DhingraThough Ravi never had a camera of his own till the time he started working, he was always interested in photography. He pursued photography as a hobby till he joined Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi to learn the finer nuances of the craft.

A chance assignment with a publication led to switching over from a hobby into a full fledged job. Since then he has been involved in lifestyle photography which includes Interiors, Food, People and Product. He has been associated with leading publications, advertisement agencies and corporates and his work has been widely published in various books, magazines, brochures and on the web.

"Being a photographer is a gift. Some people can sing and some people can dance and some people can take pictures. More than having a technical command of the camera they see things in a certain way. They have a world they wish to evoke, using a camera instead of a paint brush"... This is my way of looking at photography. It is definitely a way of self expression for me as far as my personal work is concerned.

Currently based in New Delhi, he is also a visiting faculty for photography at various Institutes including National Institute of Fashion Technology since 2003.

Ravi is a Co-Founder of a photography based organization "CAMERA unLIMITED FOUNDATION". The Organization is involved in spreading knowledge and information related to photography through Workshops, Photo Walks and Tours. He has also curated a number of Photography exhibitions under the banner of CAMERA unLIMITED, involving upcoming and established photographers.

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Ravi Dhingra