Rajeev Kathpalia

Rajeev KathpaliaPartner - Architect - Urban Designer - Planner

A graduate of the College of Architecture, Chandigarh, 1979 and of Washington University at St. Louis, 1984 with a Masters degree in Architecture and Urban Design. He has worked in Delhi, Kuwait and St. Louis and currently practices from Ahmedabad.

He is partner at Vastu Shilpa Consultants, a professional consultancy practice in architecture, urban planning and design. He is also a Trustee and Director of the Vastu Shilpa Foundation, a non-profit research organisation in environmental and habitat design.

He is visiting faculty at CEPT, Ahmedabad and has lectured extensively at Universities in India and abroad. He is recipient of several national honours and awards and his works have been published in several journals all over the world.

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Rajeev Kathpalia