Before I show my work, I would like to speak a few words about myself...!!!

I am Raj More, a Visual artist from Maharashtra (India) .Born and brought up in a small town in Akola (Maharashtra), now I live and work in mumbai. After my schooling in Akola I migrated to Mumbai to complete my further education in Art from Sir. J.J. School of Art from Mumbai, University Mumbai. For the last 15 years, after my graduation from "Sir. J.J. School of Arts" in 1999, I have dedicated my life for art and Painting in the field of visual Art while living in the Mumbai. I chose Mumbai as the ultimate destination for my work because I love to explore this city which is very well reflected in my work. The aspiration of urban middle class always inspired me which is reflected in my wor. I belong to a middle class family and my idea of work starts from there because the concept keeps me alive with its fascinating sights and sounds. I believe," Every Urban City in the world has a sould of its own and it talks to you", that's why I always express this as the language of my work. Because diversity is reflected in its people, race, language, religion and socio-cultural festivities.

I am influenced from my surrounding, objects of the city. I am very much fascinated by public transport, BEST buses, Local trains, Auto rickshaw, taxi, etc... 'Decorated' taxis and rickshaws make their kitsch to re-interpret glam and glitzy that the city is proud of...

My motivation behind my work is my involvement and its circumstances, elements like vehicles, animals and beauties. There is a perceived, self-engaged, sentimental side to the experience of navigating through Mumbai in public transport. The essence of this city of dreams and 'It's my life' attitude is felt in the alterations of carriages. 'Decorated' taxis and rickshaws make their kitsch to re-interpret glam and glitzy. The trains and buses are more accomodative. They flaunt graffiti or even selective, playful erasure of instructions that leave a cynical, humorous mark. I take Bollywood beauties as the subject in my work as a multifaceted part of life. I mostly take the Bull symbol to represent a controlling power of a city, exposing a serious gap between the rich and the poor.

Yes, I agree that capture voilence, but it is religious or from Bollywood, as these are a part of an urban space. I can't deny all these things and so it appears in my work. Furthermore, humor is the medium of thought in my work.

This City gives shelter, bread & butter: Therefore everyone says, "Mumbai ham ko Jam gayi"... Hence, people from all over India, belonging to different cultures come here to realize their dreams. Language has seen a major shift giving its current flavour which is inspired by the culture of the migrants. The city of Mumbai has kept me alive with its fascinating sights & sounds.

Mumbai has expanded and now encompasses residential and commercial development. The aesthetics have grown with the spatiality and temporarlity, as perceived by the people. My paintings, as such, populate so many intimate perceptions that it is hard to stamp them as city spaces. This is not meant to be a portrait of Mumbai Metrospective but rather one of the many possible indexes through which to interpret the city.

Mumbai, the Urban city, it sites of cummuting, sights of perception, its inhabitants and its how it comes to articulate the nation as a whole.

I Exhibited my work in India, Korea & Europe. And I also exhibited my work at national & international level since 1992. Similarly I have got national as well international Awards & Scholarships for my works.

I won the National Academy Award for 54th National Exhibition of Art organized by Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi 2012 and I am also a Winner of 2010 Asia Art Award & Excellence Prize Presented by EM Art Gallery,Seoul, Korea 2010.

And as an achievement, my work has been recognized by National and International Awards and Scholarships. My work is displayed in all international Art fair, Art Summit (India),Korean Art Fair)Seoul, Korea), Bussan Art Fair (korea) and Dubai art fair (Dubai).

My "Urban Acrylics" & " Dimensions in time & Space" solo show curated by Mr.Ebrahim Alkazi at Art Heritage Gallery, New Delhi 2010-2012. International Curator Michal Matej presented a solo show at Fine Art Gallery, Bratislava. Slovak Republic, EU-2010. In 2008 (Articullate art gallery) Gallery BMB presents his solo show" Lifeline786" .2011 "B 4 Mumbai" at Jehangir Art Gallery. I love to explore cities which are very well reflected in my work. The city of mumbai has kept me alive with its fascinating sights & sounds.

I believe that every city in the world has a soul of its own that talks to you and this notion, I have beautifully depicated in my earlier works like "Salaam Mumbai" & "Lifeline 786","B 4 Mumbai" and MH01 'Metropective.......... I love to explore Urban.

Personal Details
Akurli Om chs, A-wing, flat no-71, Plot no-12, Lokhandwala complex, Kandivali (east), Mumbai, Maharashtra, India - 400101

Phone:+91 9967 6523 62/+91 9167 3085 79

Owner: Raj More