Raj Aircon is a renowned Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) company located in Mumbai. A dedicated team of engineers provides a complete HVAC solution to cater the needs of various electro-mechanical works to match the latest requirement of Building service industry. The industry witnessing our footprint in HVAC work for almost a decade long, we bring with us a rich experience in the field of simulation, treatment and control of indoor air. Comfort is the key essence in the accomplishment of our finished work, irrespective of the application: Residential, Commercial or Industrial.

We believe that no work is possible without the cohesive force of its people. It would not be an exaggeration to say that HVAC Systems has a competent team of experienced engineers, technical supervisors, draughtsmen and skilled work force who are capable of accomplishing any kind of magnitude of work. Our technical experts design, install and fine-tune HVAC systems for offices, hotels and many more.

With a focus on clean rooms and clean room technology, Raj Aircon brings air conditioning to the Indian market-products and technologies from companies who are world leaders in their areas of operation. We help design clean room facilities, identify products suited to the specific needs, supply and install them to International Standards such as 'Schedule M', WHO, US FDA standard, etc. By merging the talents of top HVAC-field related firms from around the country, Raj Aircon renders the widest range of technical expertise and service available. With its extensive work history, Raj Aircon assures to guarantee success for any project related to room condition maintenance. A "One Stop Shop" for all your requirements in clean rooms offering solution to clean room requirements through our office. We understand our clients' requirement for doing business on good terms & hence also provide them with after sales service by an AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract).

Widening our service range with the introduction of BMS (Building Management System) integrated with HVAC control; it offers the latest technology in control engineering & integration with other building management system as well. Also for staying head to head with the latest trends in building service industry concepts, we look forward to step in green building design based on LEED rating for environmentally friendly design for low energy conservation.

Our approach to adding value to your business: Our idea of service is to understand your business objectives before we recommend a service strategy. This approach lets us customise our solutions to meet your unique needs. It's our way of adding value to your business.

With our professional services, you will receive customized solutions that are aimed at optimizing your investment returns. From system health reports, energy audits, monitoring and reporting, enhancement solutions and more.

Services offered by Raj Aircon

  • Project Feasibility Report
  • Mechanical EngineeringH
  • VAC System
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Validation
  • Vertical Integration Operations

    Project Feasibility Report

    A feasibility study is an evaluation of a proposal designed to determine the difficulty in carrying out a designated task. Working with you and your team we begin by performing a strategic assessment of your facility. By evaluating feasibility reports we can provide following benefits.

  • Increased productivity of your building asset.
  • Reduced risk of operational failure of your system and equipment.
  • Total budget control and better return on investment.
  • Site Selection Guide and auditing
  • Conceptual Drawing as per GMP
  • Architectural & Structural Plans

    Mechanical Engineering

    We provide a host of mechanical engineering services aimed at fulfilling your business requirements. Our services are applicable to several industries such as Hospital, Hotels, Pharmaceutical, Restaurants, Manufacturing etc.

  • Equipment Layout Drawings
  • Utility Piping, Instrumentation & Control Diagrams
  • Steam Lines
  • Compressed Air System
  • Water Lines
  • Fire fighting system
  • Solvent Storage & piping

    HVAC System

    Our environmentally-friendly HVAC solutions improve energy efficiency and comfort for residential, industrial and commercial customers.

    • Design and drafting services for HVAC system construction plan drawings
    • Clean Room Design, Sampling, Dispensing, Compression Room, Capsule Filling, Vial Filling, Blister Packing, Micro Labs, Etc.
    • Duct sizing and design layout plan drawings
    • Equipment piping sizing and design layout plan drawings
    • Design, development and construction plan drawings
    • Details, schematics, schedules, legends and control diagrams
    • Mechanical equipment layouts, submittals and elevation drawings
    • As-builts, specifications, co-ordination drawings, shop drawings and addendums
    • Heat load calculations, duct design and piping layout
    • Tender Document for HVAC System
    • Area Classification as per cGMP, U.S.FDA & U.K.MHRA
    • Contamination Control & Pressure Differentials

      Electrical Engineering

      Raj Aircon provides a solution-led service, designing custom electrical control systems and bespoke electrical control panels for HVAC. We involve our clients from a very early stage in the planning of each electrical control system to ensure that their business and technical needs are understood and implemented throughout the lifecycle of the project.

    • Design of an Electrical Distribution System
    • Prepare HT Substation & Transformer Yard Layout
    • External/Internal Lighting Layout
    • Power Socket, cabling, wiring, earthing layout
    • Tender Documents for Electrical Installation
    • Approval of Vendor Drawings


      As a part of validation activities, qualification is an essential requirement for cGMP plants to manufacture pharmaceuticals or medical devices when the plants or their systems are newly built or renovated. It consists of DQ (Design Qualification), IQ (Installation Qualification), OQ (Operational Qualification), and PQ (Performance Qualification). When a validation project is planned, it is much easier for validation engineers to prepare the work.

    • Preparation & Submission of Master Validation Plan
    • Validation Protocols: DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ
    • cGMP Validation Protocols as per U.S. FDA and U.K.MHRA
    • Documentation as per required approvals

      Our Vertical Integration Operations

    • Feasibility Studies
    • Installation
    • Conceptual Designing
    • Commissioning
    • Detailed Engineering
    • Validation
    • PMC
    • Procurement
    • Documentation
    • Expediting Project Scheduling & Management
    • Inspection
    • AMC Our skilled experts know their business! Rely on them and our company reputation to give you fast, dependable, fair service. Our PLANNED SERVICE inspections help reduce the number of emergency calls by revealing potential problems that can be corrected before causing a major repair bill.

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