Rahul Singh

Rahul Singh

"One can breathe magic into an object and set it to life......"
9 months ago, I walked away from a rewarding career in private practice. I left my safe cocoon to pursue a dream - a dream where I was able to create a space where one is inspired, one is surrounded by sheer beauty and where objects breathe life and tell stories. It was then that I penned down the above quote after meeting a friend. After having surmounted the shock of knowing that I had chosen to pursue the ephemeral notion of happiness over a lucrative career where success was measured in quantifiable cash flows and bonus cheques, she asked, "What do you choose to do?" I answered, "To breathe magic and create beauty". My friend aghast at the response and having heard about my future plans to set up a curatorial space, looked at me and responded, "By opening a store which sells art, antiquities and by working on interior design projects!" I replied, "It's not about the objects that litter a space." I went on to explain, "By chasing a dream and believing in it with every bone of one's body, one can breathe magic into object and set it to life. For the physical appearance of things change according to our emotions and feelings, and thus if we imbue it with passion and fervor, those magical ingredients will bring an inanimate object to life".

9 months forward, as I sit at the House of Heirloom and pen down my thoughts, these words resonate in my head and I truly feel blessed and privileged to hold the office of the creative director of House of Heirloom. They say when you reach for the stars, you are aiming to touch the zenith- the farthest point you know out there. In sharp contrast, when you reach deep within yourself and engage with your inner consciousness, you aim for the nadir. Aiming for the stars or looking deep within, is merely searching for the same depth or experience but in the opposite direction. The process and genesis behind House of Heirloom and my creative involvement since the inception of this project, has spanned both directions and has been emotionally cathartic. To say that House of Heirloom is a culmination of my journey in life thus far; is not understatement but a solemn truth.

This journey and the vastly enriching experience of having grown up in Malaysia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates have impacted my being and make me the global, multicultural world citizen I am, while also making me realize the tremendous strength I gain from being Indian. I am blessed and fortunate to work in a country with tremendous diversity and tradition and these very experiences have been imbued in the designs of House of Heirloom and mark the basic fiber and design ideology of the curatorial space. Without a doubt, each one of a kind product at House of Heirloom - whether it be a napkin which is embroidered with countless French knots, a bed fit for royalty crafted in 99.8% pure silver, a couture garment, a 10 foot chandelier or a beatific beauty by Himen Mazumdar- they each offers a unique point of view, an unmatched combination of inspired design, the highest quality standards and unparalleled value.

In the capacity as the creative director of House of Heirloom and as a patron of art, I am privileged to welcome you to the world of House of Heirloom, where the team comprises of true magicians and mavericks, who have mastered their art forms. Their product is an extension of their innate being which highlights their passion, soul and commitment. I am sure as you experience a House of Heirloom product, a little bit of our magic will rub off on you and your world will be that much more inspired.

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