Pune's cultural background and willingness to adopt modernity makes it an ideal destination forthe origin of Ra, the Lifestyle Stote. In 2009, Shekhar shah and his son mihir decided to fashion the most gorgeous the saga of ra pune's only lifestyle destination, one dedicated to the power of beauty.

At its heart, Ra is 7,000 sq. ft. of hand-crafted furniture and exquisite accessories created by refurbishing traditional furniture into innovative, space-effective, contemporay designer decor that looks right at home in every setting, transforms each home it graces, and accommodates every budget rather nicely.

Simply, we've mastered the art of moulding the traditionla into the stunning cosmopolitan. Everything at ra is one-of-a-kind, crafted using hardwood and other chosen materials that last for a lifetime and ever longer, making for perfect famliy heirlooms.

Ra welcomes you. step within our doors at kalyani nagar and feel the warm sense of deja vu that comes from an hold friend. Feast yout eyes, sate your soul, indulge in the extraodinary. And then come back for seconds. We'll be waiting.