R410A Dc Multi Inverter Spit Ac Room Air conditioners Blue Star

Brand:Blue Star
BrandBlue Star


A typical residence of two bedrooms and a living room requires 4.5TR (3 x 1.5TR) of airconditioning. However, only two rooms are occupied at most points of time. Traditionally this means installation of three ODUs and three IDUs, each of 1.5TR capacity, occupying more ODU space resulting in clutter and spoiling the facade. With Multi Inverter Split AC, you need to install only one ODU that drives up to three 1.5TR IDUs. The system feeds the two working IDUs at most points of time, thus optimising use of capacity and saving both investment and running costs. It is also designed to ramp up the capacity and maintain comfortable indoor conditions in all three rooms, if all three IDUs are switched on at the same time on rare occasions. This makes it ideal for large villas, big row houses and other multi-room applications. Moreover, the refrigerant used is the eco-friendly R410A which has no Ozone Depleting Substances.