A room full of collectives, a space resounding with opulent taste, an area filled with energy; R HOUSE is all of this and more.

R HOUSE is a story for future homes or a makeover of existent ones and your second home options. For every project large or small, for every responsibility, we have a solution. Whatever the need, at R HOUSE, the need to satisfy supersedes all other protocols. The ever-changing variety of products will have YOU changing your mind till... YOU know this is what makes your dream house your reality.

R HOUSE has been growing by leaps and bounds this year by offering our customers online shopping experience. It's all about keeping it classy and beautifully curated. Art, fashion, culture and innovation wrapped together in the warm glow of ethnicity – that's exactly what R HOUSE is all about. The more you browse, the more overwhelmed you will be !

Pioneered by the inimitable Mana Shetty, who hails from a family of renowned and illustrious architects, R HOUSE's merchandise has been carefully chosen and handpicked by her to precisely fit into a place "WHERE LIFE MEETS STYLE" !

Styling Services

Styling services
The company bears excellence in styling homes and decorating them. They strive to convert the whole look and appearance of your house making it attractive and beautiful. Their art of styling homes is completely different as they try to merge the needs of customers along with the modern and contemporary form of architecture.

Styling services:
The styling services are proffered in a customized manner to create a mood and sense of luxury and comfort.

Projects done:
Discovery, Khandala (Click to see Images)

Their showroom designers assist a customer to select the furniture available in their display that can match interior decor theme and color.


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